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Welcome to our Halloween Prop Services

bulletPneumatic Animatronic Prop Design
bulletWe design animatronics to specifications, animatronics for personal use , home haunts, personal enjoyment and experimentation using pneumatics and electronics. If you have an idea for a mechanical prop, e-mail us. We can either build it for you, or consult you for FREE on how to build it.


bulletPneumatic Supplies Sales
bulletWe carry a wide supply of pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, airlines, controllers, wiring, fittings, etc. if you are looking for something in particular that we do not carry, e-mail us, and we'll find it for you.


bulletComputer Interface Design
bulletWe custom design and build our own electronic controllers and interfaces for use with our animatronics and a PC .


bulletComputer Controller Programming
bulletWe do parallel/serial port controller programming using Visual Basic, C++, Qbasic, and Pascal. We also custom-program PLC's.


bulletComputer Controlled Halloween Props
bulletNot only do we create props, we control our animations with computers. Let us consult you on automating  your home or charity haunted house this year.


bulletHome & Charity Haunt Consulting
Call or e-mail us if you need help in designing specific rooms or props for your haunts. We can give you detail plans and instructions on how to make things "come to life (or death)!!"


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