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Welcome to our HAUNTED WORLD.... We create mechanical props for fund-raising, commercial and home haunts. Planning a Haunt this year ? Well let us consult with you at no charge, and see how we can make your haunt the best in the neighborhood. If you have an idea, let us bring it to life for you without draining your wallet. We are not retailers , we're wholesalers and designers that can custom create props for you at a very reasonable price.

We provide sales, consulting, and even rentals of our in-house props and custom-built props and pneumatic systems. Got an idea ? Let us bring it to life!

Our props are propelled by pneumatics. We can make them computer-controlled for that automated touch, or timed, guest-triggered or manually operated for that Sure Scare !!

For our computer-controlled props, all you need is a home PC and an air compressor (if the prop calls for one). We supply all the electronics and mechanics. Or choose from our props with built-in microprocessors - no need for a bulky PC.

Some of our props include :

bulletGrave Jumpers - heads or bodies rising from behind tombstones
bulletAnimated furniture - desks, tables, chairs, doors, cabinets
bulletPop-ups - the good'ole pop-up prop
bulletLunging corpses - full-bodied corpse lunges toward guests
bulletFull-bodied animatrons - moving arms and head
bulletTalking heads - head with moving mouth and/or eyes
bulletMoving hands - hands crawl across the floor
bulletStretching pictures (for that gallery) - animated portraits
bulletOther Moving body parts - latex body parts animated for that "alive" look
bulletTalking Props    - head with moving mouth / eyes


And alot more.....

Check out our Price List for pneumatic supplies

Inquire about our props, custom , or one of the above by e-mailing for more info.

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